A lady from your ministry prayed for both my knees, after noticing I had difficulties in walking she prayed on both my knees and all the pain went and I could not understand what had happened, she went on to tell me that Jesus had healed me . A year later doctors told me I had cancer and was due an operation after results from an MIR Scan. I rang your ministry asking for somone to come and pray for me, the results of the scan came back a couple of days after I had received prayer and I was told there was no need for an operation as "there was no cancer there" I am so happy that God has healed me at my age of 72 yrs, Thank you Lord Jesus................ Mary N from Tottenham

Freed from a bleed on the brain.....I was in hospital after being diagnosed with a bleed on the brain and was waiting to be transferred to a special acute unit to have an operation on my brain to reduce the swelling, a member of your ministry team came to my ward and prayed for me to be healed and left. As I was still waiting for results and to be moved I was amazed when the nursing staff told me I would be discharged as the bleed had stopped and results showed the brain swelling completely back to normal. I thank Jesus as I really thought I would not see my 3 children and granddaughter again. God Bless you all for what you do.        Sylvanna P.....Edmonton N9

Painful Spondylolysis .....had prayer after pain became unbearable, I had acupuncture, was taking 12 lots of pain relief everyday and finally steroid injections which gave temporary relief, I did not think the laying on of hands would do anything but was willing to try anything as was so fed up with the constant pain. I noticed a few days after prayer that all the pain had gone and I could move my shoulders and neck, have been pain free ever since. God is Good as I did not believe at the time. Mrs C M -London

Smoking Addiction Broken..... After 40 years of smoking was offered prayer to break the addiction, ever since the prayers I have had no cravings none, it amazing am coughing still and plan to ask for more prayer to be free of this as well.  Mr kJ  M- New Southgate North London