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Consider inviting the Free Healing team to your church or event.

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If you would like to invite The Free Healing Team to your church or to help you establish an outreach in your community. Please contact us as all invites are prayerfully considered we always desire to go where the Lord leads us.

Our desire is that we reach as many souls as possible. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for you to bring surrounding churches/ministries together for an impacting move of God in your community.

Ministering on the steets of Croydon

We have a desire and direction from God to bring the message of His goodness and His healing power to everyone who are yet to know Him no matter where you are today let us help you to break every chain to a free life.

We are based in the London/Herts area, but are willing to travel and can come and help to disciple/give talks to small groups so that you can do the same work as we do on the streets. Wherever there is sickness and disease we want to be there to pray for healing and deliverance by the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Interested, please contact us here

See some of our outreach events here.