Croydon Outreach

The Croydon outreach was amazing today. We had amazing live music from heaven. We prayed for many today and many different healings were confirmed. The first lady called May, got off the wrong bus stop and stumbled across us; she did not attend church anymore but wanted to pray for people. We invited her for prayer and we spoke into her life. The Holy Spirit was working on her and tears started to stream down her face, the presence of the Lord was on her. She stayed to praise and enjoy the music. There were many others who were healed from back and neck problems.

The team gave away quite a few bibles and tracks and many interactions were taking place. Another healing which took place was stunning which involves a man with a short leg; I would say about 4-5 inches short. He was involved in an accident and his foot was crushed many years ago in his home town. The doctors wanted to cut his foot off below the knee, but his mother refused and said No! Jesus will heal him. Today, that promise came true. After a lot of prayers, his foot started to grow out. It stopped and needed to grow another 1inch to be normal, however, it would not grow any further, and we were all getting weary at praying, however, the Holy Ghost told Rino to keep going.

A fellow Christian was also watching and then asked if he could join in. And eventually, the whole leg grew out, all 4-5 inches. This guy was getting touched through the whole process with tears streaming down his face. It was amazing to watch. However, we all need to persevere when praying for others which are not always easy to do.

What’s also amazing is that Christians from other churches also joined in with us. It was a wonderful atmosphere. Everyone at some point was ministering to someone and people were getting touched. We really give thanks to our Father in Heaven to Him be Glory, Power and Might forever and ever in Jesus Name. Amen! Glory to God. Hallelujah. Absolutely Stunning. Our God is an Awesome God He Reigns from Heaven above.

If you would like to invite us to your church/high street please get in touch with us