​Who We Are

​We are a group of normal, everyday people from different backgrounds who have been drawn to Christ. Each of us was baptised by full immersion and received God's Holy Spirit with the Bible evidence of a renewed heart we know that God's Word works by faith and not by works we want to show you The Way as written in the book of Acts in the New Testament.

Our lives are filled with signs and wonders as we prayer for the sick and see the power of God's word work in their lives,  as we share the Gospel message with others we see lives are being transformed of the people we prayer for, this is the Life that Jesus spoke of by being led by the Holy Spirit.

Our Ministry will show you The Way  to a supernatural relationship with God, look through our teach and learn page where you can find sound bible teaching from Holy Spirit filled teachers who show you the word of God presented in a simple way.  We can supply you with a free copy of a gospel to get you started in the Word, use our contact page to ask for prayer for yourself or someone you know. For more information on what we can do for you please take a look at our What We can Do for You page

If English is not your first language see our international page for bible translations in many languages. We have a teaching page with all the resources for you to hear and learn what God says in the Bible.  God has made it  simple for anyone to find Him. We ask the Lord for His Truth  by His Holy Spirit to be come upon every person who uses this site that God will open your heart to His Word in Jesus name. Let us help show you The Way!